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How to Quit Smoking Cigarettes For Life?

Quit Smoking - Stop Smoking -The Easy Way For You

Four Steps Help You Quit Smoking Easily

Smoking is harmful to our health. I believe you all know this common sense. But many people cannot help smoking. If you want to have healthy body, you can try the methods in the following.

First, write down the reasons you should quit smoking, but also a day to go over these reasons; Put your cigarette box wrapped in a rubber band tied. Every day you smoke a cigarette, use a piece of paper to write down your feel at that time and how important do you think of this cigarette. Particularly important to please write five points; if not important please write one point. When the paper is filled, remove the paper away, and then wrapped in another paper.

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Second, read your quit reasons again. If you have a new reason, you can add on. Do not carry matches or lighters. And try to put the cigarettes on the place not easy to get. Strive every day smoke less than before.

Third, continue to achieve the second step. Never buy a second pack of cigarettes before a pack of cigarette is not finished. As far as possible change two different varieties of tobacco in a week, the latter cigarette containing stone base and nicotine is less than the first. A week to fight has a chance to not smoke in 40 hours continuously.

Fourth, completely quit the smoking habit. You can increase your sports activities. And you may find the alternatives are better for the health than smoking. Or when the smoking desire relapses, do deep breathing to divert your attention.

In addition, smoking cessation researchers found that production of smoking desire is related to the pH of body fluids. If body fluids are acidic, mouth, kidneys will accelerate the excretion of nicotine, causing the smoker to produce the urge to smoke. Due to the rapid excretion of smokers nicotine did not produce a strong sense of discomfort, and then they will not have the determination to quit smoking.

Smoking cessation researchers believe that smokers eat more alkaline food and make body fluids alkaline, so the urge to smoke will be gradually reduced and eventually they give up smoking, which is better than other smoking cessation methods.

Physical health is very important, because we have only once life, so we had better protect our own body!

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