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How to Quit Smoking Cigarettes For Life?

Quit Smoking - Stop Smoking -The Easy Way For You

Enjoy The Wisdom Of Quitting Smoking And Live A Healthier Life

Smokers know very well that choosing between the charm of smoking and a cancer-free healthier life is next to impossible. It is very shocking that around half of the cigarette smokers in the world die from cancer. But, it's more shocking that even after knowing this fact, youngsters are adding themselves as smokers rapidly. Don't they love to live a healthier life? Of course not; as per human psychology, we love to feel the happiness of the near-future more, than the pain of the far-future. In addition, it is nothing but the outcome of their immature thinking smoking is an appealing activity. Another important reason of getting addicted to smoking is mostly some obvious but unpleasant ups and downs of life, where they find themselves helpless to find out any solution. There are many other reasons that I don't want to go in-depth.

Before we go ahead to our main topic, let's go through some traumatizing information about smoking.

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  • Around 80% of the smokers worldwide belong to low and middle class families
  • Around 6 million people die every year from cancer caused by tobacco
  • There are around 4000 types of harmful chemicals in tobacco smoke
  • More than 70 harmful chemicals of cigarette-smoke cause cancer
  • The tar in cigarette raises the threat of lung cancer, bronchial disorder and emphysema highly
  • Chances of cardiovascular diseases go up for the carbon monoxide in cigarette
  • Almost 50% of the children of the world are passive smokers

Now, when we have gone through up to this part, can we expect that at least one reader (who is also a smoker) will quit smoking? I know, you are about to plan, but feeling nervous. Then, is there any way to get rid of this killer addiction? Yes, there are different ways that you can follow. But, the safest as well as most effective way is your determination to quit smoking. Remember, if you are smoking for more than one year or you take more than six cigarettes a day, you'll feel several difficulties, mainly craving and withdrawal syndrome, on your way. So, be determined first and follow the guidelines mentioned below.

  • Gather Reasons: First of all, gather as many reasons as possible for which you want to quit smoking. It is very important to increase your will power that will bring you the ultimate success.
  • Don't wait for the 'Fine Morning': If you have planned to stop smoking from one 'fine morning', then surely you are far away from the fine morning. Stop smoking today – right now.
  • Don't Surrender: You'll feel craving very often at first. But, always try your best to stop yourself for the next 10 minutes, and involve in some distracting activity, especially non-critical or interesting, if possible; but never surrender.
  • Don't have 'Just One': Mostly during this period, every problem seems bigger and more complex and people plans to take 'just one' to overcome the situation. But, in fact, at the end of the day it becomes four or five 'just ones' or even more. So, strictly you have to stay away from taking 'just one'.
  • Avoid Triggers: You must have to avoid places or situations that may trigger your urge of smoking. For example, smoking zone, parties, bars, and even colleagues or friends, who smoke.
  • Physical Activity: A moderate level of physical activity will help you reduce the urge of smoking. You can also go for a walk in the morning or practice meditation under some expert's supervision that will help you feel the difference and keep motivated.
  • Get Help of Near Persons: Find persons, who will help you being determined through providing moral help; though, there is nothing more powerful than your willpower.
  • No Alternative: Often people take help of tobacco in other forms to fulfill the urge of nicotine. But, it should be strongly avoided as it will keep you addicted to nicotine, no matter through which form and soon you'll back to square one.
  • Take Medical Help: If you still feel cravings or getting strong withdrawal syndrome, don't ignore it – consult with your physician immediately. Often it may be serious for chain-smokers and persons with a long history of smoking.

Remember, everyday you'll find some situations, when you'll feel helpless to control the urge. But, you also have to remember that each time you defeat a craving, you are one step closer to quit tobacco.

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