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How to Quit Smoking Cigarettes For Life?

Quit Smoking - Stop Smoking -The Easy Way For You

Electronic Cigarettes How Popular Are They

As concerns over smoking cigarettes continue to rise, many smokers are beginning to make the switch from a traditional to an electronic cigarette. With a variety of flavor options and fewer risks to overall health, electronic cigarettes are quickly becoming popular options to their paper counterparts.

Electronic cigarettes have gained in popularity as they offer many of the same features of a traditional cigarette (i.e. vapor-like smoke and light up capability and something to do with your hands), but they don't have the same risks as inhaling cigarettes (harsh chemicals, carcinogens, tars, etc). The battery operated e cigarette provides nicotine without tar, leading many smokers to explore electronic cigarettes as a first step in quitting smoking altogether.

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Although they are similar in some ways to traditional cigarettes, electronic cigarettes have some benefits that cigarettes do not have. Because they do not contain many of the harmful ingredients as cigarettes, electronic cigarettes do not have an odor. Without an odor, they can be enjoyed many places that usual cigarettes cannot which is important in places like Southern California where legislation has greatly cracked down on smoking in public areas. Smokers who have switched to electronic cigarettes have reported success, including some even being able to eliminate the dreaded “smoker's cough.”

Also helping to boost the popularity of electronic cigarettes are celebrities. Celebrities have long been known to make smoking appear cool and desirable and they seem to be leading the trend of switching to electronic cigarettes.

As celebrities always seem to lead trends, many seem to be getting in on the e cigarette action. Over the past several years, many celebrities have been photographed with their electronic cigarette in hand, helping to perpetuate the trend of “safe smoking.” Here's a look at some of the biggest names in Hollywood and their electronic cigarettes:

Titanic star Leonardo DiCaprio is said to be one of the early adopters of the e cigarette. A longtime smoker, DiCaprio reportedly switched from smokes to electronic cigarettes after sample electronic cigarette devices were handed out at the British Film Awards. Since then, DiCaprio has been caught smoking an electronic cigarette everywhere from industry parties to riding his bike.

On an episode of The Late Show with David Letterman, actress Katherine Heigl was so excited about her electronic cigarette that she shared a puff with Dave. Heigl adopted a child and like many parents may have been concerned about the harmful effects of second hand smoke on her new daughter.


Other celebrities who have children and a bad smoking habit have also been known to try the switch to an e cigarette. These celebrities include Britney Spears and her ex-husband (and father of her two boys), Kevin Federline.

Many celebrities who are known to set trends, rather than follow them have also helped to increase the popularity of the electronic cigarette, including Paris Hilton. Fashion model and trendsetter Kate Moss has also been caught indulging in an e cigarette.

Like many smokers, some celebrities may be using electronic cigarettes to quit smoking entirely, whether they are at the beginning of their careers like Twilight stars Ashley Greene and Nikki Reed or have achieved worldwide success like Tom Petty. Tom Petty told Parade magazine back in 2010, “Got my electric cigarette here,” he says. “It gives you a shot of nicotine and steam.” The vapors substitute for smoke. “I'm using these to edge off of the smoking,” he says. “It's just part of getting older and realizing you have to straighten up.”

Even small screen stars like Entourage's Kevin Connolly and American Idol's Ryan Seacrest have reportedly put away their packs in favor of an electronic cigarette.

The way you truly know something has become popular is when you see it on the big screen as an aspect of modern culture. In The Tourist, real life smoker Johnny Depp is seen puffing away on an electronic cigarette in a scene in the film. Hopefully, he turned his on-screen affectation into his real life practice and has discovered how enjoyable smoking an electronic cigarette can be.

Royalty may also be getting in on the trend, as Kate Middleton was said to be gifted with an electronic cigarette ahead of the royal wedding. No photos have revealed that the Duchess of Cambridge has used the device, but she may turn to it when she needs to relax after a day of royal duties.

For celebrities who change their hair color as often as they change their clothes, much of the appeal of electronic cigarettes may stem from the giant array of eLiquids, which offers the ability to change the taste as often as you want and even create your very own combination of flavors. Unlike traditional cigarettes, electronic cigarettes offer other custom options and choices via kits, to change your smoke as often as you change your mood.

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