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How to Quit Smoking Cigarettes For Life?

Quit Smoking - Stop Smoking -The Easy Way For You

Electronic Cigarettes Better Or Worse Than Traditional Tobacco Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes have fomented the argument that whether they are helpful in quitting smoking or not. Health effects of e-cigs are also a big question for health experts. Exact effects and consequences are uncertain due to lack of proper research, but business of electronic cigarettes is already booming and smokers are experimenting with this new device. Let us discuss first, how an electronic cigarette is different from the conventional tobacco cigarette. An e-cig is an electronic device that operates through battery which can be removable and non-removable both. There is a slot for liquid filled cartridge, in which nicotine and flavored liquids are filled. This liquid is heated and vaporized with the help of a heating element placed closely to the cartridge. When you use it, the head seems lighted just like a smoking cigarette, but when you exhale; it forms a cloud like smoke that is vapor. Using e-cig is called vaping. You can charge the device with compatible battery charger and refill liquid cartridge again and again. E-liquid comes in various flavors but disposable electronic cigarettes cannot be refilled.

The main difference is – it does not burn like a traditional cigarette and does not release harmful smoke. In spite of insufficient research and studies, it is found that using e-cig definitely avoids health issues that arise due to tobacco smoke. However, the results shown by various studies on health effects of e-cigs indicate that visible health issues are less in e-cig users. Next concern is effect of passive smoking or using e-cig; since these cigarettes do not emit smoke these can be used in smoke prohibited areas also. But some government authorities are planning towards banning use of e-cigs in public areas like theaters, restaurants and shopping malls. Tobacco industry is aggressively marketing e-cigarettes and related products like electronic cigarette starter kit, chargers and e-liquids. Many youngsters are opting for e-cigs as a replacement for tobacco while others are continuing using traditional tobacco cigarettes. Whether fully informed or not, people are experimenting with this new tobacco product to have a different experience. E-cigs have gained huge popularity since these were first introduced in market about a decade ago now. But health effects are yet to be determined and regulation of marketing and supply of e-cigarettes is still to be done in many states.

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