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How to Quit Smoking Cigarettes For Life?

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Electronic Cigarettes And Usher In A New Market Will Be Hit A Peak

It is reported that on October 8 of the European Parliament, the electronic cigarettes are classified as medical products to treat the proposal has been rejected. The European part of the country's main electronic cigarette manufacturers and traders who will convene a meeting in London in 2013, December 4 to 5, to discuss the future development of the European electronic cigarette products. According to the current E cig market popular level, the electronic cigarette industry's growth does not end bonuses, growth continues, the electronic cigarette industry boom continues to climb.

Research report shows that the current electronic cigarette market in many countries is still relatively confusing, many market lacks standardization process operations, brand cohabitation, blind expansion of product promotion,quality can not be guaranteed indeed,fake flooded, so that consumers difficult to distinguish between true and false. Electronic cigarette products available in the market is broadly divided into installation experience, basic equipment, luxury fitted into three categories, the price from a few dollars to ten thousand dollars. Insiders said that the main structure of the E cig is no different. The main difference is in the taste of smoke cartridge, e cigarette atomizer and the outer side.

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According to media reports, in October 23, 2013 the world's most expensive electronic cigarette record is refreshed, the one living in London, Russian oil tycoon to quit in order to help his girlfriend, spent four and a half hours for his girlfriend created a mosaic above a 246 2 kt diamond crystal clear, there is a 6 carat oval diamond E cig, it reached a total value of 555,000 known as the world 's best E cig.

Electronic cigarette on the market a variety of shapes, the most common type is the pipe, cigarettes and pen-based, this year, should expect the majority of smokers, there was a new model, it 's vase electronic cigarette. It not only has the advantage of other species, but also has greater capacity,more dazzling appearance. These features make it just one available, it was warmly welcomed by the majority of smokers, was immediately sold out, and has been in a tight stage.

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