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How to Quit Smoking Cigarettes For Life?

Quit Smoking - Stop Smoking -The Easy Way For You

Ecigarettes May Help In Removing The Habit Of Tobacco Smoking

Tobacco is said to be one of the very harmful components that human intakes primarily by means of cigarette. According to several reports every year more than 5 million deaths occur throughout the world because of high intake of tobacco. However tobacco is not a must requirement for the human body and hence it is definitely a preventable disease. Thus any sort of new device that comes and proclaims to remove the habit of smoking is appreciated by the people. The electronic cigarettes are one such new invention which says that they will remove the habit of smoking among people and hence reduce the health damages that a tobacco results into.

The idea of electronic cigarettes was first brought by the Chinese people where a company named Ruyan started its operations in 2003. It was introduced to the people in USA in the year 2007. Since then this product has gained a lot of appreciation from some friends as well as a lot of criticism from its foes. However the primary question that is on everyone's mind is that can the ecigarettes actually help in doing away with the habit of smoking. This is a doubt on the minds of the users as well as all others associated with the product. Its proponents feel that it is definitely a better deal in comparison to the harmful tobacco cigarettes. They are safer in terms of health and are also estimated to be cheaper than the normal smoking tobacco cigarettes. However, many health agencies and the FDA as well are not 100% sure regarding the health issues and the advantages of the product. They are still on the stage of investigation and do not want to take any chances and are checking whether there are any side effects associated to it or not. They thus have been taking very strict regulations and hence maintain no leniency in this product. However as the eCigs is not having any amount of tobacco in it, it appears that the organizations are finding it difficult to imply any regulations on it. Even the minors can have access to it.

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There are however many users who do say that they have quit smoking after getting into the habit of ecis but still on the other hand there are people who continue to smoke the regular cigarettes as well as ecigarettes. People do feel that even though its advantages are not yet confirmed it is definitely worth taking a risk rather than continuing the harmful tobacco smoking.

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