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How to Quit Smoking Cigarettes For Life?

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Ecigarettes Cartomisers Replacing Cartridges And Atomisers

Companies have come up with new models of e-cigarettes phasing out cartridges and atomisers in favour of cartomisers. The development has turned e-cigarette from a 3 piece model to 2 piece device. It has also translated into slashed maintenance costs for the users.

If you are one of those Britons who haven't yet used an electronic cigarette due to lack of availability locally or for any other reason, you better give it a try. It is a device that doesn't produce smoke and yet satisfies the yearning for smoking. Moreover, it is an item that has gone quick technical advancement in the last few years. Current e-cigarettes resemble the conventional ones closely.

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The mechanism of the e-cigarette has undergone quite a change. New models are quite different from what they were a few months back. Companies are phasing out cartridges and atomisers in favour of cartomisers which are a cartridge and atomiser in one unit. It simply means that the users need not buy cartridges and atomisers separately. The development has turned the model from a 3 piece e-cigarette to a 2 piece e-cigarette.

This translates into even lower costs for the users. Everyone knows that in the long run, e-cigarettes cost lesser than the conventional cigarettes. Users purchase the kit and keep on using it as long as there is e-liquid in the cartridge. They need to refill it when it is empty. In the same way, they have to change the battery or atomiser when needed.

However, the introduction of cartomiser has changed it. Users need not spend money on two components and can make do with one. E-cigarette users are certainly going to welcome the slashed maintenance costs.

If you are uninitiated to cigarettes, a bit of info may help you understand what it is. An e-cig does not burn tobacco to produce smoke like a usual cigarette. Rather, it makes vapour from e-liquid which contains nicotine. Where it has an edge over e-cigarette is the fact that these cigarettes offer a slew of flavours – American Blend, Apple, Gold & Silver, Menthol, Pure Virginia, Cherry, Chocolate, Coffee, Cola, Tobacco, Vanilla and more.

At the core of the device lies an electronic circuit. The device has an LED light at the tip, which indicates that the cigarette is in use. All components are detachable. First time users are provided with a starter kit that includes power cord, battery charger and a user manual.

When the user inhales the device, battery operated sensors detect the airflow and activate the indicator, which begins glowing. E-liquid is converted into vapour that is inhaled by the users. Unlike smoke, which lingers in the air even after the smoker has left the place, the vapour disperses quickly. It doesn't cause any convenience to non-smokers around.

A cartomiser may carry nicotine in various quantities like high, medium and low. You can even get zero nicotine cartridges. Ever heard about non-tobacco conventional cigarettes? You also need to recharge the battery of the device regularly.

Although the concept of e-cigs has been there for a few decades, the device has become popular only in recent years, thanks to growing technology and sustained marketing efforts. As for buying components, it can be easily done online, usually from the same companies you bought your c-cigs from. For getting e-liquid UK residents can rely on companies which have been around for a time and earned a reputation for quality products.

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