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How to Quit Smoking Cigarettes For Life?

Quit Smoking - Stop Smoking -The Easy Way For You

ECigarettes Are The Light At The End Of Smoking Tunnel

For all those who want to change their habit and quit smoking and try the electronic version of the same, it is important that the advantageous features of the e-cigarettes be explained to them.

Many people who go for an electronic cigarette are current smokers who are trying to quit this habit and are normally searching for an alternative to be switched over to. They form a remarkable alternate to the traditional smoking because of so many benefits of it.

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Here is a compiled list of the benefits of electronic smoking and hence proving why e-smoking is the only light at the end of the smoking tunnel!

  • Get rid of that peculiar cigarette odour

Everybody knows this fact- every Cigarette smells! Badly! The smell from these cigarettes can be transferred to anything that comes in contact with it, like the hair, clothes, car etc. This odour will not only be persistent, but it is also at times taken as an offensive way and people avoid contact because of it. To non-smokers, this smell is very much noticeable.

One of the primary reasons why the cigarettes smell so bad is because you are burning so many chemicals and tar combined, apart from the tobacco. It is this property of these chemicals that will make the smell linger to the walls, clothes, cars, furniture etc.

Electronic cigarettes on the contrary do not have such foul odour because it makes use of some vapours that evaporate immediately. Hence, they smell certainly better than the traditional cigarettes.

  • Electronic cigarettes are way more cheaper as compared to the traditional ones

Yes, indeed. If you are a smoker and reading this, you would know that the prices of the traditional cigarettes are increasing drastically. This is because taxes lead to an increase in the total price of the pack of cigarette.

However, this situation does not imply to the electronic cigarettes. The ego mini kit which is a start up kit for the beginners might seem a huge investment, but gradually, the month wise price of the cigarettes is definitely lesser for the electronic smoking. Moreover, they are not subject to any type of taxes.

  • Much safer and non toxic

The traditional cigarettes are known to be quite risky as they make use of an open flame to light them. They are therefore an open threat to cause fire hazards. With e cigarettes on the other hand, you are not in danger of burning yourself, your clothes, furniture and so on. There have been no reports claiming an explosion of an e cigarette so far.

  • Improved Health options

An e cigarette is surely an improved option for better health if you have been smoking the conventional cigarettes since a long time now. There are a number of research and studies that have proved that electronic cigarettes have reduced health hazards as compared to the traditional ones. This is because they contain a combination of many chemicals and carcinogenic substances, and the electronic ones do not.

  • Society-Friendly

All over the years, the traditional means of smoking is viewed quite negatively by the society. This is because of many reasons like the smell, the ill-health consequences, and lots more. Also, the traditional smokers find it difficult to smoke at all places because of various restrictions and are also capable of impacting the job prospects too. On the contrary, the electronic version of smoking has no such side-effects that are associated with the society.

Now that you are aware of how beneficial the electronic method of smoking and e shisha are, as compared to the conventional ways of smoking, try opting for a better option now!

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