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How to Quit Smoking Cigarettes For Life?

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ECigarette Terminology You Should Know

Vaping, anolog, atty, throat hit…sounds more like Greek or Latin to you? Well, welcome to the world of e-cigarettes. If you have been completely insulated from the e-cig forums online or electronic cigarette-related headlines, it is your fault, really! E-cigs have taken the world of media and politics by storm in the United States. Here are some electronic cigarette terms you could brush up on, in a hurry.

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  • Vaping: It is actually a substitute for electronic smoking, which involves production of a smoke-like vapor when an e-liquid is converted into a gas. There's even a vaping zone at Terminal 4 international departure lounge in London's Heathrow.
  • Analog: E-cigarette users call traditional cigarettes analog, a reflection of the digital times we live in, where everything has the prefix 'e'!
  • Atty: It is a slang reference to the atomizer, which is connected to the battery and the cartridge. The atty is the part that actually vaporizes the e-liquid and has a heating coil.
  • Cartomizer: A combination of the cartridge and the atomizer as a single piece instead of separate units. The cartomizer, according to users, lowers risk of leaking and is a popular choice.
  • Cartridge: That part of the e-cig where the e-liquid is stored, cartridges (carts in short) are available as refillable ones or pre-filled ones. PurpleCig has a range of cartridges which are blu cigs compatible and Cig20 compatible, among others.
  • Drip tip: A part of an e-cig that is used either as a substitute to the cartridge or in combination with a cartomizer. A user can drip a couple of drops of e-liquid into it at regular intervals for an enhanced experience.
  • E-liquid: Also called e-juice, e-liquid is available in a variety of flavors for a better user experience. It usually contains nicotine dissolved in propylene glycol or vegetable glycerine, sometimes both. Nicotine concentrations vary, and range anywhere from nil to over 50 mg.
  • Starter kit: Anyone who has made the decision to quit analog and take to vaping will have to get an electronic cigarette starter kit, which he or she can assemble by following the instructions.
  • Throat hit: True-blue vapers (smokers) will often talk about a throat hit, that sensation at the back of the throat following the first vapour drag. It is actually a mild irritation produced at the back of the throat which most analog smokers are used to. The quality of e-liquid and the condition of atomizers help a vaper get that perfect throat hit.
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