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How to Quit Smoking Cigarettes For Life?

Quit Smoking - Stop Smoking -The Easy Way For You

E Cigarette Refills For Reusable Cigarettes

The e cigarette refills are easily available off the market as well as online. These refills help in using the E-cigarette more than once. Users can either fill the e liquid into the refills or buy new cartridges to reuse the cigarette.

Filling the e liquid may require some skill and is sometimes a tricky job to do. You need to be careful while doing the same and once you get the knack it becomes easy. There are two ways of filling the liquid as follows:

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  • The Dripping Method: This method needs you to use a small dropper, drip the liquid into the polyester filling inside the cartridge, and then carefully place it back. You need to fill the cartridge until the saturation point and hence, this method requires you to have a lot of patience.
  • The Injection Method: This method requires you to fill the liquid using a syringe, thereby making it easier. This method also makes sure that you do not have the liquid spilt all over the place. In order to fill the liquid using this method, you must pull off the rubber cap of the cartridge and fill the liquid. Later, you can close the cap and save the cartridge for later use or install it into the cigar for instant usage. After filling the liquid, make sure that you wash the syringe well with water and then dry it.

Electronic Cigarette Safety

The electronic cigarette safety is not something that anyone knows about for sure. While some say it is a good option to move from ordinary cigarettes to the e-cigs, some say otherwise. It is thus a debatable topic. However, here are some safety tips you must keep in mind while using these cigarettes:

  • E- Liquid, a common item in electronic cigarette, is available in small bottles that can easily be misplaced. Hence, it is important that you have these bottles kept safe and away from the reach of children.
  • You must also ensure that chargers, batteries and other such compounds must be away from children's reach as they cause harm otherwise.
  • Try to use the cigarettes in the same form as they reach you for the first time. If you choose to make any changes, they are completely at your own risk.
  • Driving with a cigarette may seem a lot easier than driving with an e cigarette. This is because some people try to change batteries or even refill their cartridges while driving. This is extremely risky and it is best for everyone to avoid such practices.

The best way to have a safe smoke is to know all the pros and cons of the product and always stay informed about it. In addition, study well about the e cigarette refills before you use them.

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