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How to Quit Smoking Cigarettes For Life?

Quit Smoking - Stop Smoking -The Easy Way For You

Do You Find It Hard To Quit Smoking Then Switch To Non Nicotine Electronic Cigarette Smoking

One of the best ways to get rid of tobacco out of your lives is to switch to the non nicotine electronic cigarette. This wonder product is a literal replacement for tobacco smoking and in a way is much healthier too. A pharmacist in China is the one behind this amazing product. He invented it in 2000; however, it got its international export license only in 2007.

Typically, an electronic cigarette is an inhaler that uses a propylene glycol or glycerin solution to vaporize into an aerosol mist, giving the smoking effect to the user. These cigarettes have five significant parts namely:

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  • The cartridge – it acts as a mouthpiece and is the liquid reservoir. The cartridge is usually a small plastic container that one can change or refill according to the usage.
  • The atomizer – this is the component responsible for the vaporization of the liquid. This component lies in the middle of the cigarette with one of its ends attached to the cartridge and the other to the battery.
  • The magnet adaptor – a stainless steel compound to help attach the battery to the atomizer.
  • The battery – the batteries are usually lithium-ion rechargeable batteries containing an LED attached to it in order to show activation of the cigarette.
  • The liquid – the most important compound of them all, the liquid is usually called the e-juice or the e-liquid. These liquids come in a variety of flavors ranging from cola to mint to even non-nicotine flavors.

A Look at Some Common E Cigs Reviews

People have a different thing to say about these cigarettes. In addition, the performance and other qualities like prices vary with the company and the maker of the product. However, here are some common e cigs reviews that people have to say in general about this product:

  • The effect that you get from these cigarettes is the same as the normal ones, just that there is no tobacco in this case.
  • Prices are reasonable as every pack comes with a battery (sometimes two), the atomizer, USB charger and the flavor. Sometimes you also get good deals on these products.
  • The variations of flavors are large as many as twenty odd favors for people to choose from.
  • In terms of design, most companies have the same look for an electronic cigarette. Some are black, while some others are white.
  • Some people have started taking into e-cigar smoking, as it is the current fashion statement in town as well.

A non nicotine electronic cigarette is thus, a good option for those who are looking to quit or reduce their smoking habits and to switch to a less harmful method of doing so.

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