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Cube 30w Box Mod With Oled Display 2200mah Battery 03 Ohm Airflow Control Tank E Cigarette Starter

A decent battery/tank kit could use an adapter for smaller tanks,

Included in this kit is the battery box,in a fairly funky looking coloured pattern, a short 29cm micro USB cable and the main tank which has a single coil fitted ,it's pre-made up out of the box.The battery has a 510 thread which in layman's terms is used for larger tanks, it won't fit the smaller one though it is possible to use an adapter to use it with these,sadly one isn't included which would have made the battery more versatile.

Image courtesy of Pinterest.com

Power output is in line with many box type batteries from 7-30W, 3 buttons two control the voltage and the main on/off which also have the usual 5 click safety lock feature. It's quite a nice battery not too heavy and the size makes it more portable than longer thicker stick style ones. An OLED display shows the battery status (just a bar which depletes), current ohms which will vary depending on the coil, voltage (which will again vary on the coil resistance it's a 0.3ohm one supplied). A timer is shown when the button is pressed (this has the voltage when not pressed in. Display is clear and easy to read even in bright light.

The one drawback with the battery is it's not possible to charge and vape at the same time (unlike some micro USB stick batteries some of which can) Quality is good though the pattern appears to be solid plastic and not a sticker, metal top/bottom sections. Run time per vape is up to 10 seconds, after that it cuts off as a safety feature before requiring another press to continue.

Moving to the tank now the design mimics some top known makers, with a glass main section with stainless steel and a removable tip. You will need to screw the coil in firmly before use, it's a third party one though seems to be fairly decent,usually these last a few weeks before they nee changing discerning buyers might prefer to use the more established coil brands which tend to be more expensive but more consistent, I felt it was fine at least so far during my use. Fairly easy to fill from the sides with an adjustable collar to control the airflow. No problems with the built on the tank it's a solid item and as the glass is quite thick should survive a few drops, do take a bit of care though as glass can crack.

A quick note about “sub ohm vaping”; As I am a regular user of similar products to this these tanks are quite different from the small ones. The coils are larger and designed to take higher current – the general idea is to produce a bigger “vape”. There are a few areas to watch out for though, firstly the type of “juice” you use is a factor. You can use normal mixes but if you are using nicotine you will want to drop the level right down for use in these tanks,6mg or lower.They burn more fluid and quicker than small atomisers. I would also suggest trying some higher mix VG fluid say 70/80 – 20 PG. VG is a lot smoother and thicker than VG fluid and with sub ohm atomisers as they produce a lot more vape (with the air holes opened up and the voltage increased), you might find higher PG liquids a bit harsher using this. It's down to personal taste as ever, the lower ohm larger coils can handle higher VG content better than smaller ones.

For what's on offer it's a pretty good starting kit. Value wise the battery alone would be near to this in a shop, so consider the tank a bonus. There are a few disadvantages including the nonremovable battery – some packs take batteries that you can change as with all cells this will eventually wear out and need to be replaced. I would have preferred to have an included adapter as the battery pack works well with small tanks, you might want to pick one up if you use different types as I do. Battery life is going to vary hugely depending on the usage and voltage for mid to lower outputs you should get most of the day out of this if you are a light user it will exceed that.

It's a quite good kit and a more cost effective way of experimenting with sub ohm vaping. I would suggest trying a sub ohm product first to see if you get along with it, the vape experience is quite different to the smaller tanks,less drag even when the air holes are closed down, more vape though it's controllable to a degree. Sub ohm vaping tends to appeal to users who are hunting big vape performance and using more exotic blends of fluid.


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