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How to Quit Smoking Cigarettes For Life?

Quit Smoking - Stop Smoking -The Easy Way For You

Cigarette Smoking

Over one million people worldwide have been soaked in the mucky field of cigarette smoking whatever the repercussion it poses for their wellbeing. Both young, old, women and men, are addicted on this addictive drug . A cigarette is a small roll of perfectly cut tobacco leaves wrapped in a thin cylinder shit of paper. This is ignited on one side and permitted to smolder while one inhales its gases in the other end that is held in the mouth.

One particular cigarette constitutes above 4,000 chemicals of which most are dangerous and harmful to one's body, a cigarette consists of 3 major damaging and toxic substances:

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– It is the additive element of the tobacco soaked up by blood and affects the brain within just 10 seconds. This causes smokers to feel great due to neurotransmitters (substances in the brains) it emits. It also causes some sort of rise in the pulse rate, blood pressure and adrenaline

– It is a sticky thick substance which has many toxic substances such that when inhaled it sticks to the tiny hairs of the lungs cilia .In addition, it coats the walls of the entire respiratory system narrowing the tubes that take air leading to respiratory problems.

– It is a poisonous element contained in cars exhausts that diminishes the amount of oxygen within the blood hence depriving internal organs of the essential oxygen.

Other deadly compounds found in cigarettes include:
Formaldehyde: a poisonous liquid utilized to maintain dead bodies
Ammonia: a fluid utilized in cleaning fluids
Hydrogen cyanide: a poison used as a fumigant in eliminating insects
Arsenic: a component in rat poison

Cigarettes do not just contain these toxic components but also have harmful effects.


– Smoking affects the activities of the immune systems and may increase the risk for respiratory as well as other infections.

– Nicotine reaches your brain within just 10 seconds and is also seen to be in most part of the body even breast milk which is recognized to result in miscarriages in women all triggering abnormal development of the fetus.

– Cancer causing agents Carcinogens in tobacco has an effect on important genes that control the growth of cells making them replicate abnormally.

– Smokers have 'abnormal' amounts of anti oxidants within their bodies which help to correct fatigued tissues and cell.

– Tobacco is known to be one of the contributors in certain type of cancers such as lung cancer.

– The blend of nicotine and tar furthermore leads to increased blood pressure and main cause of heart attaches and strokes, recognized to reduce the flow of oxygen to the limbs and hands it sometimes results in amputation of this vital organs.
The risks of smoking are forgotten, financial costs aren't added up and addiction is over looked. These are the main items that a person may eventually need to suffer after starting with that one puff that he or she considers to be cool. Few people start smoking after the age of 18 years thus this is a behavior that is groomed in an early tender age. All efforts must be put on the youth to stop them from participating in this vicious cycle of smokers or even to try to let them quit from being conquered by this slow but sure death.

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