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How to Quit Smoking Cigarettes For Life?

Quit Smoking - Stop Smoking -The Easy Way For You

Champixn The Smoking Cessation Pill

A bad addiction is something which can engulf your whole life, and even make you more vulnerable to death at times. People lack the will power to resist such tempting addictions. Even if some people want to quit such compulsions, then also they switch back to it after some time. Smoking is one such addiction which can make you its slave for a major portion of your life. Smoking is basically an addiction to a stimulant called nicotine, which is present in tobacco. Quitting smoking is the most difficult thing for people who have been smoking for a very long time. Across the globe there are millions of people who smoke, without even having a second thought about the harmful effects of smoking. Smoking can lead to severe health complications such as cancer, infertility, high-blood pressure, cervical cancer in women, kidney failure, heart diseases, various pulmonary diseases, impotence in men and many other terminal problems. Excessive smoking is the main cause behind bad breath, stained teeth and gum problems. There is a wide variety of quit smoking aids available in market which help you in giving up smoking. Quitting smoking will make you start a fresh healthy life, along restoring the wrinkled skin to its natural colour. It also improves your senses, which allows you to enjoy the taste of food and drink in a better way.


Champix is one of the most popular and effective pills for helping you to quit smoking. Varenicline is manufactured by Pfizer and is branded as Champix. Varenicline is the active ingredient of Champix. It is a 12 week treatment that has helped thousands of men to get free from this addiction. These types of quit smoking pills assist you to start a new, healthier and better life. However, it is recommended that you shouldn't take Champix without consulting your doctor. Sometimes a body might act differently to such pills. Therefore, you should discuss with a doctor your medical history. People who are below 18 years of age and women who are pregnant should completely avoid this medication. Champix works by inhibiting the brain receptors which respond to nicotine. Since the brain receptors are not triggered you don't experience any kind of pleasure with nicotine, which you usually feel with it. As a result, it potentially reduces the withdrawal symptoms. You also need to have a strong determination and a motivating factor which encourages you to stick to your decision.

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Quit smoking pills are a much better option than nicotine replacement therapy. With nicotine replacement therapy you need to apply patches of nicotine, which is not a good thing because your body is still be exposed to nicotine. But, this is not the case with Champix. It is one of the most reliable and safest ways to quit smoking. There are few possible side effects which you can experience while using this medication. The common side effects experienced are nausea, headache, abdominal pain and insomnia. You can buy this medication very easily from online clinics, after going through an online consultation with registered doctors.

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