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How to Quit Smoking Cigarettes For Life?

Quit Smoking - Stop Smoking -The Easy Way For You

Can Hypnosis Help You To Stop Smoking

Non-smoking patches and nicotine gums are remedies that most smokers turn to if they want to quit smoking. However, the cost of these remedies alone would be more than enough to push smokers to return to their addictive habit, which is essentially cheaper. Without prescription medication, it is even more difficult to fight this nicotine addiction. As studies show that not even half of the millions who try to quit each year are able to overcome this unhealthy habit successfully. Fortunately, there is another way out and it does not involve medication. If you want to stop smoking, hypnosis is one avenue you should look into.

Smoking is an addictive habit that has been the subject of several studies especially when it comes to quitting. Studies have shown that hypnosis has as much success as when using patches and nicotine gums. While other studies have shown that it is even more effective than these known remedies. As hypnotherapy deals with the psychological and physical aspects of a person, it is effectively countering the problem of addiction at those levels. The incessant cravings for nicotine is a problem for smokers and taking that out of the equation the way hypnosis do makes this method highly successful.

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Just like other kinds of addictions, there are two factors involved in smoking – the psychological and the physical. While there is the strong physical desire for nicotine, it also provides a psychological level of comfort and relief. Deeply embedded in your subconscious, smoking becomes second nature and a part of everyday life. It becomes part of your routine and makes you associate smoking with activities like drinking a cup of coffee every morning or driving. You smoke if you want to think or pass the time. Smoking brings comfort and takes the stress out. Smoking becomes a habit you cannot do away with hence the addiction.

Hypnosis puts you on a trance-like state and deals with your subconscious that is why it is effective in treating the cravings for nicotine. Hypnotic suggestions given while under hypnotic state replace the cause of the cravings taking out the ingrained associations. This way you do not have to grab a pack and light a cigarette first thing in the morning while you have your drink of coffee. Hypnotherapy takes out the associations of smoking with your everyday routine activities.

As most smokers believe that smoking calms them, there is a constant need to smoke so as not to experience the stress and pressure of everyday work. Others believe that smoking takes the craving for eating thus smokes to lose weight. Hypnotic suggestions during hypnosis take away the associations made subconsciously that relates smoking as a stress reliever. It could also make you crave for a drink of water instead of a cigarette. Hypnosis can be successful that those who have undergone this treatment after only one session experience no physical or psychological desire for smoking anymore.

Smoking provides a level of comfort that eating also bring. That is why there is a tendency to gain weight while trying to quit smoking. However, when smokers are treated with hypnosis, they do turn to food to anymore in order to stop smoking and smokers successfully overcome this nicotine addiction.

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