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How to Quit Smoking Cigarettes For Life?

Quit Smoking - Stop Smoking -The Easy Way For You

Can Electronic Cigarettes Help You Quit Smoking

As 2017 approaches, a typical resolution will be to give up the tar sticks; kick the smoking habit for good. You have tried a lot of methods, but nothing has stuck. This year you are going to do it, but how? What are some of the ways people give up smoking? Which of them are successful and how can vaping help?

Smoking Cessation Methods

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Consumers have seen the ads and heard reports from smokers or ex-smokers. They tried the patch which went on their arm and slowly released nicotine into their systems throughout the day. There was gum, another nicotine-release agent with an odd flavor. Hypnotism attracts thousands of people every year. Quitting cold turkey is hard but quick. Certain drugs prescribed by doctors kill the cravings.

Why They Don't Work

Sometimes, these methods are effective. When they are not, there are common reasons. For example, numerous people aren't addicted to the nicotine but to a physical habit of holding a cigarette. In the case of cold turkey, the problem is how terrible those days of withdrawal from nicotine can be for a smoker and people around him. Drugs are rarely prescribed and potentially costly. Cigarettes are simply familiar, although more expensive than any cessation product.

Electronic Cigarettes for Smoking Cessation

The makers and promoters of ecigs cannot advertise them as smoking cessation products because ecigs are classified as tobacco products and regulated accordingly. Research is inconclusive as to the relative dangers of smoking versus vaping, so even when vapers say that e cigs saved their lives, it's not legal for V2 or Halo to tell you they can provide relief from addiction to cigarettes.

Independent bloggers and other writers, including consumers on social media, can say what they like and frequently praise the industry for helping them kick a dirty habit for good. E-cigs look like the real thing. They light up at the end. There are sizes to resemble the dimensions of slim, short, and King-size cigarettes and cigars. Colors can be really close to those of analogs: a lightly striped white base with a tan part at the tip or crinkly dark-brown paper on a cigar.

Certain styles of e-cigs are alarmingly like real cigarettes. Consumers have some great conversations and even heated debates about the topic. When you compare vapor to smoke, however, this really gets people thinking. You can see most clearly how toxic cigarette smoke is when viewed next to a plume of white vapor from an electronic device.

How to Help a Smoker

Maybe you want a smoker in your life to quit and have helped him try everything to no avail. You would love him to try vaping but he is reluctant. Christmas is coming. Valentine's Day isn't far behind. One way or the other, turn your concern into a gift-giving opportunity. Fill a stocking with disposable electronic cigarettes or e cigars instead of chocolate. Complement that gift with a rechargeable starter kit set under the tree.

For Valentine's Day, buy a pair of kits and undertake this project together if you are also a smoker trying to quit. Encourage one another. Act like a team, the stronger one boosting the weaker (you will inevitably take turns in these roles). There are many deals out there if the price seems high at first. Even though cigarettes cost a lot over time, they are not as costly up-front as many starter bundles from major US companies; not when you add extra cartomizers. A $20 set with two cartomizers (replacement e juice), one battery, and a USB charger will only provide a taste of what is to come, so you will need to supply extras. It's better just to get the two-battery set for around $35 to $40 from a top-five vape company and add some e-liquid refills. Batteries for these systems lose power after about 4 hours, so recharged spares are important when considering the success of a consumer who wants to give up cigarettes for good.

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