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How to Quit Smoking Cigarettes For Life?

Quit Smoking - Stop Smoking -The Easy Way For You

Bidding Adieu To Unhealthy Smoking Made Easy With Hookah Pens

Here is a piece of good news for all those health conscious people who want to quit smoking but cannot restrain themselves. Hookah pen is a wonderful product which has brought smiles back on the faces of perturbed chain smokers who want to check their smoking habit on health grounds but cannot. Just like e-cigarettes, g pen is absolutely safe as it does not produce harmful tar or chemicals. It is much like electronic cigarettes except that it is filled with a flavored liquid.

How does E-Hookah Pen Work?

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There are three main parts of e-hookah pens. Battery is the first component that powers the vaporizer/at. Second is the cartridge filled with nicotine solution? Atomizer which vaporizes the nicotine solution is the third component of e-hookah pen. To use hookah pen all you need to do is to inhale it by placing it between your lips. It is disposable and a single e-hookah gives you as many as eight hundred puffs. More so, once you are through you will have no mess up to clean. It fits in your pocket and therefore can be carried anywhere conveniently. It is available in five luscious flavors grape, fruit mix, strawberry, mango and grape.

Hookah Stick Does Not Contain Harmful Chemicals:

Hookah pens which are also known as g pen do not contain any harmful chemicals and most of them contain only flavored water and Propylene glycol. Neither of these two ingredients are as harmful as the ingredients of tobacco-filled cigarettes. Moreover, the product is 80% cheaper than the conventional hookah smoking and gives the same amount of pleasure.

Hookah Pens Can Be Customized:

All those who want to have their own designs can go in for custom g pens. There are several custom packages from which buyers can choose from. They need to download the templates to choose their designs.

How to Use Hookah Sticks:

The use of this product is simple enough. It has to be inhaled only as it does not have any button to turn on. It can be kept safely in the pocket and can be carried anywhere you go. So, there are reasons good enough to get hold of this harmful and convenient option of smoking. The good thing is that it can be customized as per your needs.

Final Thought:

If you are one of the smokers who find it difficult to stop smoking then look no further and buy hookah pens and sticks from eshisha to get the best deal.

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