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Alternative Healing With Hypnotherapists

Alternative Healing with Hypnotherapists

Hypnotherapy is a type of psychotherapy which utilizes hypnosis on a willing subject to bring about healthy changes in the patient or subject such as new and positive thought processes, attitudes, behaviors and feelings. This is done using the effects seen in Hypnosis that a person in this state has a heightened sense of responsiveness and suggestibility. This can be used by trained therapists to bring about healthy changes in the lifestyle and attitude of a willing patient.

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Hypnotherapists are common in the west and their practice is scientifically chronicled into the field of psychotherapy. The uses of hypnotherapy are several folds:

Hypnotherapy before and during childbirth:

Many women during pregnancy face anxiety over impending childbirth. Moreover, the pain and discomfort prior to and before to childbirth is a cause of concern for many. Hypnotherapists have long used psychotherapy with the subject in a state of hypnosis to ease the discomforts and prepare the mother mentally for the rigors of childbirth.

Clinical Psychotherapy:

One of the earliest practices of hypnotherapists was to aid in the cure for hysteria. Modern hypnotherapy is widely accepted as a cure of the following:

  1. Subclinical depression.
  2. Addiction.
  3. Anxiety
  4. Irrational fears
  5. Other conditions such as insomnia.

Counseling Psychotherapy using Hypnosis:

Counseling Psychotherapy is a form of psychotherapy that uses heightened suggestibility to change certain attitudinal views in the patient and inculcate newer and improved thought processes.

Hypnotherapy is usually unregulated and in most Western Countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom there are only unaccredited and unregulated training available for hypnotherapists. Thus for a patient who wishes to use the services of a Hypnotherapist it is of vital importance to check the qualifications and / or the training that the hypnotherapist has undergone.

While there are a large number of well trained and experienced hypnotherapists offering their services, because of the unregulated nature of the field it is not uncommon for fraudsters to profess themselves as psychotherapists or hypnotherapists. The American Institute of Hypnotherapy was one of the most well known trainers of Hypnotherapists till 2008. Originally operating out of California it went on to become one of the premier institutes offering courses in hypnotherapy in the United States. Several other universities also offer hypnotherapy as distance education courses.

Two such accrediting bodies in the U.S. are The National Guild of Hypnotists and International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association (IMDHA). Also, Hypnosis Society of Pennsylvania offers a process where training programs are standardized. Thus a consumer wishing to avail the services of a hypnotherapist must check if the training of the hypnotherapist is accredited by these institutions.

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