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How to Quit Smoking Cigarettes For Life?

Quit Smoking - Stop Smoking -The Easy Way For You

5 Interesting Things To Know About ECigarettes

It's been over a decade since electronic cigarettes were first manufactured. Hon Lik (who is now Ruyan America's Chairman)invented the e-cigarette in 2003. He registered his first patent in China in 2003. In 2007, Ruyan registered its first international patent which was available for sale in US market later on.Ruyan has now got their patents registered in over 40 countries.

E-cigarettes, also referred to as e-hookah, may look like regular cigarettes but these are as different as chalk and cheese. Here are 5 things about e-cigarettes that you would be interested to know about:

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1. Not a cigarette

An e-cigarette is not a cigarette. It may look like a cigarette but it is actually a nicotine vaporizer which runs on a battery. Atomizer and cartridge (containing e-liquid) are the other constituents of an ecig or ehookah. In some latest designs, there is a new component, cartomizer that contains both atomizer and e-liquid.

Atomizer contains a heating unit that heats up the e-liquid to form vapors of a particular flavor which the user inhales. Some of the popular flavors available in the market are banana, cherry, strawberry, menthol mint, and apple.

2. No Tobacco, No Smoke

Next time if you see somebody near you creating smoke rings in the air, don't lose your cool. He may be enjoying his e-cigarette that doesn't produce smoke. The smoke-like thing that you see is actually the harmless vapors of e-liquid that vanish sooner than they appear. Also e-hookah doesn't contain the deadly tobacco or tar which contains carcinogens, the cancer causing chemicals.

3. Forget a lighter

With e-cigarette, you needn't to beg for a lighter to light your cigarette. You just need to 'switch on your e-cigarette like putting the switch to turn on the TV. The battery-powered atomizer vaporizes the e-liquid and you can enjoy the e-flavor vapors.

4. Cost effective over traditional cigarettes

E-hookahs or ecig may appear costly at first but they aren't when compared to traditional cigarettes. An average smoker spends around $8-12 a day on cigarettes. On the other hand, a basic starter kit of rechargeable hookah pen costs you around $30 and offers up to 1200 puffs. The price of a 10ml bottle of e-liquid (nicotine-free) is between $ 6 and $10.

It means a rechargeable e-hookah will cost $80-100 while the conventional smoking will cost you around $300. With e-hookah, you are not only preventing fatal diseases but also saving big bucks.

5. Passive smokers or secondhand smoking

According to Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), smoke exhaled or breathed out by a smoker contains over 7,000 chemicals, 70 out of which can cause cancer. As CDC stats say, 2.5 million nonsmokers have died due to passive smoking or secondhand smoking.

Exposure to a cigarette smoke has serious implications on infants and children who can suffer from respiratory symptoms like coughing, sneezing, shortness of breath and bronchitis, pneumonia, ear infections, asthma attacks, and sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). Even the adult nonsmokers who are exposed to passive smoking have 25-30% greater risk of developing heart diseases.

This is where e-cigarettes are a better option over conventional cigarettes. E-cig doesn't produce harmful smoke. Instead they produce vapors that are harmless so you can smoke at home without causing any risk to your children's health.

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