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How to Quit Smoking Cigarettes For Life?

Quit Smoking - Stop Smoking -The Easy Way For You

201339s Top Rated Electronic Cigarettes

Nowadays Electronic cigarettes are far-reaching the population as one of the latest trends, and there are factually dozens of electronic cigarette brands available in the market from which to choose. They are very important products for those individuals who are trying to kick the habit, but they also aid as a fill-in for those peoples who could no longer smoke in public or who do not want to offend others with the odor. This article can help you find out more about different types of e-cigarette brands:


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The vapage e-cigarettes are available in starters and premium kits. Both offer lucrative components inside the package. You can also buy add-on products including extending battery, charging case and many more. Vapage pocket pack is also available that offers only essential parts to keep you going.

Starfire Cigs

Star fire comes with a very competitive price. The materials are top-notch and overall the construction is very solid. It is very similar to real cigarettes. Starfire also packs a portable charger that can keep you going for several days. It uses small battery which diminishes in few sessions. The flavor choice is also very limited but overall it is a nice budgeted e-cigarette.

Jet e-cigarettes

Jet e-cigarettes were mainly known for flavored atomizers but recently they are manufacturing their own e-cigarettes. The starter's kit comes with 2 batteries, a USB charger and two Jet atomizers. The batteries also provide decent amount of puffs without recharging. The flavor choice is very limited and to satisfy their customers the kit comes with two flavors; Mojito Mint and Presque Tobacco flavor

My freedom smokes

The brand offers many popular models designed for different user levels like joytech and eGo. This company is not suitable for novice users as there are many perplexing models, but for experienced user it is a smoking bonanza. The warrant is very limited, they only offer 30/60 days but their customer service is exceptionally great.

E-cigarettes Canada

E-cigarettes Canada is the one of the best model out there. The company also offers cigars and many altitudes of kits including deluxe and exclusive. The prices are very reasonable and there are varieties of flavors that you can enjoy. Original products can also be directly bought online at Electroniccigarettecanada.ca

Nimbus Vapor

Nimbus Vapor may seem like a new electronic cigarette brand to many. Located in United States, Nimbus Vapor offers a line of disposable electronic cigarettes, rechargeable electronic cigarettes, electronic vaporizers, dry herb vaporizers, and accessories.

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