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Hi Tom here with VapePowered. Today I’ll be doing a comparison between the different types of ecigs and vaporizers. will be looking at three different types. The original ecig models, the vape pens, and my personal favorite the mods. These electronic cigarettes are probably the most recognized, you’ve probably seen them around someone of them… Read More »

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There are many books out there about habits and one of books that stood out in this subject is The power of habit so I always thought that habits is what defines a person whether it’s running smoking playing the guitar watching TV or whatever because we do these things automatically and we don’t have… Read More »

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INTRO PLAYING RYAN DUFFY Welcome to Bogota, Colombia. We’re here chasing after the most dangerous drug in the world, burundanga. Burundanga is the source of scopolamine, which is basically like the worst roofie you can ever imagine times a million. You’re at the whim of suggestions like, hey, take me to your ATM. Hey, come… Read More »

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I had my first cigarette at age 13. And by at age 17 is when I really started smoking on a regular basis. And then in 2000 is when I found the little sore on the inside of my mouth, and it wouldn’t go away. And on a routine dentist appointment, he saw it, and… Read More »

Nicotine Addiction After Quitting

Bjbj Quit Smoking Side Effects and Nicotine Withdrawal So what are the side effects of quitting smoking We all hear about the side effects of smoking, but let s forget about those for the time being. Let s talk about the side effects at quitting. So much happens when you quit smoking, physically and mentally… Read More »

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Hi my name is Lela Bryan and I quit smoking June 4th 19 78 and I have been teaching people how to quit smoking and quit chewing ever since. People ask me how to you detoxify from nicotine addiction without withdrawal symptoms This is a very important question because what you don’t want to do… Read More »

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Music Health problems start when individuals are really in the very early stages of smoking. They can detect changes in the body that are indicating the start of health problems or damage. However, it’s really when individuals start to get over the age of 50 that a lot of the things that are of really… Read More »

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Welcome to the cannabinews network This is the news Roll Up. We just got back from a episode with Lisa Kaler from the four twenty times you interviewed Cisco Adler the Expendables and Iration yes click on the link above to get to see those interviews Just so you know Coor’s Light did not sponsor… Read More »

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Hello, I’m Sarah Norris from Total Childcare in Wilmington, North Carolina and today we’ll talk about a checklist for starting a daycare center. Daycare centers are businesses and they’re multifaceted. And there are many many things that must be thought about before beginning this process. Number one is, and this adage has been used probably… Read More »

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Hiding i’m a believer. Weight loss hypnosis in dallas i have been working with barry for a while for weight loss and it’s been extremely helpful isolina cherokee something that happened that boat at work the other day uh. i had not planned by me laughing today very well and i was at work and… Read More »